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If you own your own business, you’ve got enough on your mind without worrying about what will happen if an employee is injured on the job or your roof is damaged in a storm.

D. A. Young Insurance helps minimize your risk with a comprehensive array of products designed just for business: general liability, workers compensation, and group health – even special coverage for home businesses.


Business insurance protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events. Learn about business insurance and get tips that could help you stay protected. For more information contact an agent today!



Products & Services include but not limited to:
Personal and Commercial Automobile, Homeowners, Workers’ Compensation, Vacant Properties, Professional Liability, E&O. Inland Marine, Cargo, Longshore, Mobile Equipment, Trip Transit and Open Transit Coverage Employment Liability EPLI, Contractors and more.

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Florida has the fourth largest economy of any state in the U.S. 1 making it ripe for anyone looking to start a small business. Unfortunately, like many states on The Gulf, it is prone to hurricanes; and as any small business owner can attest, hurricanes mean a loss of functionality, a loss in business, and a loss in income.

A Florida business insurance policy can help you combat not only property damages, but loss in revenue as well. Make sure that your business insurance coverage is tailored to meet your exact needs as a company, taking into account the specific coverage that will give you peace of mind when operating a small business in Florida.

Commonly Required Liability Insurance Policies for Florida Companies

Natural disasters aren’t the only concern of small business owners. In Florida, business insurance is also a necessity in the areas of professional liability, workers compensation and employment practices liability. Whether your company operates in the technology sector, or if you are one of the thousands of manufacturing plants across the state of Florida, business insurance is as crucial to your company’s longevity as increasing sales and efficiency. As your company grows, make sure that your business insurance coverage grows with it.

Insurance Requirements for Employers

Insurance Requirements for Employers

Businesses with employees are required by law to pay for certain types of insurance: workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and, depending on where the business is located, disability insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Businesses with employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage through a commercial carrier, on a self-insured basis, or through the state Workers’ Compensation Insurance program. Visit your state’s Workers’ Compensation Office for more information on your state’s program.

Unemployment Insurance Tax

Businesses with employees are required to pay unemployment insurance taxes under certain conditions. If your business is required to pay these taxes, you must register your business with your state’s workforce agency.

Disability Insurance

Some states require employers to provide partial wage replacement insurance coverage to their eligible employees for non-work related sickness or injury. Currently, if your employees are located in any of the following states, you are required to purchase disability insurance:

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